Memory Blog

Die with memories,not dreams.

Note: Everything that I post is uploaded on the MEMORIES page :))

Memories play an important role in our lives. We hold onto all memories,because they mean something to us. Whether good or bad,they’re a part of us,and a part of a learning experience that helps us lead a better life. We want to hold onto to the positive ones,to remember the people we love,reminisce about the good times we’ve had, those times in our lives that brought us happiness. Negative memories can trigger nostalgia and bring tears to our eyes. We want to hold onto them so that we can look back and realise how far our journey has gone,and how far our path has taken us. The ups and downs,all create a place in our mind,and those are remembered as memories. Memory can transport us to our past,to make us realise how far we’ve come,and to the future,to the person we are yet to become.I want to remember,cherish and reflect back on all of my experiences,”weird phases”,ups and downs,later in life.

A memory jar stores our memories all in one place,and contains miscellaneous little things,that remind us of our past. The person we were,and how we’ve grown as a person,to become the person we are today. These little things that are stored in the memory jar,what interests us,what makes us smile on a gloomy day, what makes us cry,all are a part of our identity.

So similar to the memory jar,to help me grow as a person,I decided to create this memory blog. Where I could store all my wonderful,and not so wonderful experiences,and reflect back on them later in life. The things I will post will be the things that will gain my attention at different stages of my life. Whether they be books I read,or the dreams I someday wish to fulfill,or what made me smile suddenly one day,or what made me remember something I thought I had forgotten completely,all will be stored here,together,at one place. Ready to be opened,and cherished,years later 🙂

I’m a bit behind on this plan,so i’ll also post some poems,articles or book reviews that I wrote when I was younger. As,nothing should be left out 🙂