Saanvi wants to change the world!! She wants us to do it as a family!!! Yes we can 💪🏽

Thank you Vincent for reaching out and sharing this. I’m truly grateful for your support! If anyone of you,who wish to support but can’t donate,please help me by sharing this on your respective blogs and social media! It would mean a lot and will help impact thousands of lives!

Vincent Ehindero

Hello guys!

Okay, it’s time to say something that not only concerns you and I, but concerns every human being in this world.

I got to learn about the fundraising campaign of Saavi Dhingra. I went through the details and was happy to help. While I can post my funny and inspirational personal experiences here, I’m also concerned about the welfare of other people in the world and how I can help and also persuade you to be a part of something life-changing and awesome!

Now, Saanvi is here with me and will give you more details about this initiative.

Saanvi, over to you!

“My name is Saanvi Dhingra and I am running this crowdfunding campaign for the NGO, Habitat for Humanity India.

Habitat for Humanity is providing family essential kits(food ration and basic supplies) and hygiene kits to thousands affected by Covid-19. As of 14 July, 2020 Habitat…

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